Tim Salau, Mr. Future of Work LLC | 2020

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"Nurturing INNOVATION starts with PEOPLE, not technology"

Tim Salau, Mr. Future of Work is the CEO & Founder of Guide, the life skills training app reimagining high school education by helping students learn essential life skills from their favorite creators and a dynamic global tech influencer.

He's championed and led innovation and product development at top Fortune 500 & hyper-growth companies such as: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and WeWork helping executives position their workforce to thrive in the Future of Work and embrace dynamic leadership structures.

In 2017, he founded "Mentors & Mentees, a Guide community", the world's largest career mentorship community for business leaders and professionals who want to take control of their careers to achieve career fulfillment and thrive in the Future of Work.

Tim works with global organizations, executives, and government leaders from around the world ranging from consumer technology to healthcare to the Honduras and Omani government, and many others. Tim typically works with organizations around keynotes, workshops, advisory, and brand ambassadorship opportunities. If you have an idea for something else not mentioned here, feel free to contact Tim to discuss.



Whether you're looking for a keynote for thousands of people, a presentation in front of a few senior executives, a workshop, or a global speaking tour for your key customers or prospects, I've done it all. My speaking gigs have taken me all over the world in front of a wide variety of audiences ranging from HR leaders to technology experts to C-Suite executives to the president of Honduras, and everything in between. You can view my speaker's kit to check out my speaking topics and learn more about how we can work together for your event.

Mr. Future of Work in Residence

For organizations that want to work with me on an advisory/consulting level around the future of work and/or creating personalized employee experiences tailored to increase employee engagement. A flat monthly retainer ensures that you and your team get unlimited access to me to discuss ideas, share feedback, provide perspective, and get guidance around your employee experience initiatives.


Corporate Leadership Training

For organizations that want to empower their employees to be their go-to ambassadors and thought leaders. I offer private workshops for executive leaders, management teams, and junior employees equipping them with the skills, mindset, and attitude necessary to be dynamic and effective leaders in the workplace and in their own careers.

Sponsored Content &

Brand Ambassadorship

For organizations that want to get their brand or service in front of a global audience of multicultural business leaders and want to work with me as a brand ambassador. They can sponsor one month of my content which includes 3 episodes of the Unleashing the Future of Work video series, 3 episodes of Unleashing the Future of Work Podcast, or sponsored posts and event appearances.


Why Work With Tim

He's an innovator

He built Guide, the life skills training app disrupting education by reimagining life skills education. Guide allows students to learn essential life skills from their favorite content creators.

Highly acclaimed & recognized

He's been endorsed by global brands and publications like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Google, The Young President's Organization, and SXSW for his work as a global community leader and technologist.

He's actually worked in Corporate America with the best of the best

He's had a dynamic and hybrid career working with Microsoft, Google, WeWork and Facebook all before the age of 25.

He's got the social proof to prove it

He's built a global community of over 100K+ business leaders and students across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram and inspires millions of business leaders and professionals daily to position their workforce to thrive in the Future of Work and pursue purpose over paychecks!


And more...

First & Only

First multicultural Nigerian-American to ever work with a multinational technology company as their Chief Evangelist and Brand Ambassador. Built the world's largest 10,000 global member career mentorship community focused on empowering business leaders to thrive in the Future of Work.

Offers a unique perspective

One of the few leading multicultural and millennial experts leading the discussion on The Future of Work and Education.

Dynamic and engaging speaker 

He doesn't use any boring slides during his keynotes, instead, he focuses on relevant engaging stories/content with practical takeaways and audience interaction.


"Leaders need to create an environment focused on PURPOSE and PROSPERITY, not paychecks."