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"He's always been a black sheep" 

Starting with a Texan childhood marked by bullying due to Nigerian heritage, Mr. FoW achieved dual Magna Cum Laude degrees from Texas Tech University & University of Texas.

He progressed from managing three jobs for tuition to becoming a leading Nigerian-African American voice on Future of Work and inclusive innovation, working with giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and WeWork. Recognized by Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and LinkedIn.

Throughout, Mr. FoW's distinct approach shines.


Shift from me to we

Tim, known as "Mr. Future of Work," is a Nigerian-American activist, technologist, and global tech leader. He spearheads discussions on the Future of Work and Education. Tim travels globally, addressing CEOs, executives, and world leaders, guiding them on building thriving organizations through talent, culture, and mission.

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We're Live! 

We're Live is a online series dedicated to helping business leaders and young professionals take control of their careers so they can become dynamic leaders, lead their careers with an ownership mindset, and thrive in the Future of Work. Sponsored by Team Guide.


Partner with Guide

Guide owns Guide, the keystone Software as a Service Learning & Development brand, a bite-size video training platform for onboarding and training remote teams. In addition, Guide owns Big Black Tea, a food and beverage brand for finding peace in the moment, for members only.

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The Guide Group is the world's largest global Future of Work community with over 300,000+ members worldwide. The community includes business leaders, professionals, and students who are passionate about leading in the Future of Work and achieving career fulfillment. The community discusses everything from leadership in the Future of Work to the skills and mindset necessary to thrive in a career. This includes tips and best practices for succeeding at work and life!

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