Tim Salau, Mr. Future of Work LLC | 2020


"He knows how to move a crowd. His joy and energy for life is infectious."

As the CEO of Guide, a social e-learning platform changing the future of education and Global Evangelist with WeWork leading the Future of Work, Tim is recognized as a dynamic community leader, global tech influencer, and speaker. He has delivered hundreds of keynotes to students and professionals on taking control of their career, building community, and learning how to thrive in the Future of Work. 

Leveraging his passion for community, technology, and experience working with the Big 4: WeWork, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, all before the age of 24, he's passionate about empowering the next generation of students and professionals to thrive in the Future of Work and speaks on topics at the intersection of tech, community, culture,  and career. He’s impacted millions of students and professionals through his platform of over 100,000 followers across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to take control of their careers and pursue purpose over paychecks so they can thrive in the Future of Work!


Past Clients

Tim has delivered keynotes to CEOs & world leaders, spoke on panels with leading technologists, and facilitated workshops at colleges, social events, and high schools with crowds ranging from a small group of three to thousands!

No matter the size of the audience, He's known to leave his audience engaged, enlightened, and energized through storytelling and pure energy, no boring slides.


Why Work With Tim, Mr. Future of Work

  • He built Guide, the life skills training app reimagining high school education by helping students learn essential life skills from their favorite content creators.

  • He's been endorsed by global brands and publications like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Google, The Young President's Organization, and SXSW for his work as a global community leader and technologist.

  • He's an innovator and global tech influencer who travels the world delivering keynotes to CEOs, Government Leaders, and Public Policymakers on emerging technology, behavioral trends, and creating sustainable innovation. 

  • He's built a following of 100K students and professionals across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram and inspires millions of students and professionals daily to take control of their career and pursue purpose over paychecks to thrive in the Future of Work.

  • He's the first multicultural Nigerian-American to ever work with a multinational technology company as their Chief Evangelist and Brand Ambassador.

  • He's had a dynamic and hybrid career working with WeWork, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook all before the age of 24.

  • He built "Mentors & Mentees, a Guide community" - a 10,000+ member global community helping professionals take control of their careers to achieve career fulfillment and thrive in the Future of Work.

  • One of the few leading multicultural and millennial experts leading the discussion on The Future of Work & The Future of Education.

  • He doesn't use any boring slides during his keynotes, instead, he focuses on relevant engaging stories/content with practical takeaways.


"Tim delivered an amazing speech to the HBCUSXSW cohort on the importance of utilizing LinkedIn to build our professional visibility and how to take control of our careers.

His enthusiasm and passion for helping others definitely showed not only in the talk but outside of the program. He served as a mentor to not only me, but the whole cohort. His talk was filled with endless enthusiasm and energy."

Jasmine H., University of Alabama Student


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"We need to create a world in which people feel FULFILLED at work and in their CAREERS."