Why Mr. FoW? 

We're a leading venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) firm that invest across the global tech ecosystem and future of work and living sectors. Simply put, We scale your mission on day one.

$1B+ AUM

We're founder-friendly and optimize for mid-to-long-term returns, 7-10 years. 5 years is our investment harvest and return sweet spot. We want to help you go from idea to IPO. It starts on day one.

End-to-End Holistic Support

We support our founders from ideation (pre-seed) to distribution (growth) and harvest (venture) through our venture studio, Cosmos Innovation, and our ecosystem of luminary partners (LPs), customers, and media partners.

Hybrid Financing & Flexible Terms

We're geo-agnostic, stage agnostic, industry agnostic, and product, or service agnostic. By offering founders flexible on-demand financing and terms, we act as partners on day one. We scale your mission on day one.



Our new CROWD platform for the next-generation of creators, investors, and founders.


Our Venture Portfolio 

We invest in batches throughout the year. We aim to do 3-6 deals per year.
We often get really busy either during the fall or winter season. That's pretty much it.


Our Team

Smiling Young Woman

Mr. Future of Work, Tim Salau

Founder & General Partner

This could be you? 

Tell us what role you want! We are hiring. Super slowly. Super super slowly. Super Super Super Slowly.


Mr. FoW | Our Thesis

We need movement makers. 
We need ecosystem builders. 
We need diverse innovators who come from all walks of life.

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Tim Salau, Mr. Future of Work LLC