I am my clients biggest advocate, connector, and most importantly, champion.


Tim Salau’s diligence and dedication to providing excellent career and life coaching have resulted in measurable success for me.

Lisa B., Consultant @ PwC


I position you to thrive and take control of your career.

1. We start with YOU.

As your coach, my goal is to create the outcomes you want in your career, job search, and life. Our process starts with you defining what you want us to achieve so we can kickstart your success.

3. We fuel your success.

For my clients, I go above and beyond in ensuring they succeed by acting as their advocate and ally. Either by bridging connections, helping you tweak your job search strategy, or opening you to new experiences/opportunities. I am emphatic about your career success and act not only as your coach, but also your ally.

2. We frame your future state.

During our sessions, to create deep clarity, I will challenge you to frame your to-be state so we can work backward and hone in on what we need to achieve and decide on the best approach to foster your success and help you accomplish your goal.

4. We adapt and amplify.

The job search process isn't static and our careers are no longer linear. Together, we adapt what's not working for you in your job search or career and amplify what is by focusing on your zone of control. We create opportunities that allow you to shine.

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Sample Session Topics

  • Designing the Job of Your Dreams

  • Strategic/Proactive Job Searching

  • LinkedIn/Resume Optimization

  • Building Your Community of Sponsors & Advocates

  • Salary Negotiation

  • Defining Your Purpose

  • Practical Personal Branding Strategies


Why Work With Tim, Mr. Future of Work

  • He built Guide, the social e-learning app changing the face of education and bridging the gap between the future of work and education by helping high school students learn essential life skills from their favorite creators.

  • He's been endorsed by global brands and publications like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Google, The Young President's Organization, and SXSW for his work as a global community leader and technologist.

  • He's an innovator and global tech influencer who travels the world delivering keynotes to CEOs, Government Leaders, and Public Policymakers on emerging technology, behavioral trends, and creating sustainable innovation. 

  • He's built a following of 100K students and professionals across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram and inspires millions of students and professionals daily to take control of their career and pursue purpose over paychecks to thrive in the Future of Work.

  • He's the first multicultural Nigerian-American to ever work with a multinational technology company as their Global Evangelist and Brand Ambassador.

  • He's had a dynamic and hybrid career working with WeWork, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook all before the age of 24.

  • He built "Mentors & Mentees, a Guide community" - a 10,000+ member global community helping professionals take control of their careers to achieve career fulfillment and thrive in the Future of Work.

  • One of the few leading multicultural and millennial experts leading the discussion on The Future of Work & The Future of Education.


When it comes to your career, you are in the business of entrepreneurship. No one else can define your career. No one.


Tim is the guy I recommend people to if they want to elevate themselves to the next level in their career. He's done an amazing job facilitating his community platform, Mentors & Mentees and coaching me to own my career. He will help teach you things they fail to teach you coming out of school, and his branding speaks for itself. Great work Tim, I hope we continue working together in the future!

Tony T., Consultant @ Microsoft


Tim Salau, Mr. Future of Work LLC | 2020