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From growing up in the hot Texas south bullied because of his Nigerian-roots to graduating Magna Cum Laude from Texas Tech University & the University of Texas.

From hustling and working 3 jobs just to pay off his college tuition to becoming one of the leading activists and global authorities championing the Future of Work and inclusive innovation with Fortune 500 companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and WeWork, 

Tim has always been the black sheep challenging the status quo.

Today, Tim, Mr. Future of Work, is the CEO and Co-founder of Guide, the life skills training app reimagining high school education by helping 4.9M high school students learn life skills from their favorite creators, an accomplished international keynote speaker, and world-renowned global tech leader. He's been recognized by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, SXSW, Toptal, Opportunity Hub, LinkedIn, Google, The Millennial Mogul and other global media platforms for his work as a global tech authority and leader on the Future of Work, leadership, and innovation.


"Leaders MUST SHIFT from me to We."

As a Millennial CEO, global tech influencer, and one of the few leading Nigerian-American activists leading the discussion on the Future of Work and Education.

Tim Salau, Mr. Future of Work travels the world speaking to business executives and world leaders on how they can create organizations that THRIVE in the Future of Work by focusing on their most important assets, their talent, their culture, and their mission.


Unleashing the

Future of Work


Unleashing the Future of Work is a series dedicated to helping young professionals take control of their careers so they can become dynamic leaders, lead their careers with an ownership mindset, and thrive in the Future of Work


Guide, the life skills training app
for high school students

Tim Salau, Mr. Future of Work is the CEO of Guide, the life skills training app for high school students. Guide is disrupting traditional education by making it effortless for students to learn essential life skills, like financial literacy or entrepreneurship, from their favorite creators, on-demand, to improve college-readiness and career-success. Guide's mission is to equip students with the skills, mindset, and opportunities for a successful career.

Mentors & Mentees, a Guide Community

"Mentors & Mentees, a Guide community" is the world's largest global career mentorship community with over 10,000+ members worldwide. The community includes business leaders, professionals, and students who are passionate about leading in the Future of Work and achieving career fulfillment. The community discusses everything from leadership in the Future of Work to the skills and mindset necessary to thrive in a career, and tips and best practices for succeeding at work.


"As a leader, you MUST live your life through community, gratitude, and a bias for ELEVATING people."