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Tim "Mr. Future of Work" Salau, is the Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Guide, International Keynote Speaker, & Global Tech Leader


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" I love his energy. Our staff immediately noticed it as soon as he started speaking and engaging with people. We've invested in ensuring our school is positioning students to thrive in the Future of Work. His talk to our staff and faculty was unforgettable! "

- Jacqueline C., VP,

Office of Diversity and Engagement,  The University of Tulsa


Mr. Future of Work, International Keynote Speaker, & Global Tech Leader.

"What can't he do," This is the first thing you think when you meet Tim.

Tim "Mr. Future of Work" Salau, is the Executive Chairman, CEO, & Co-Founder of Guide, the experience group and collective that owns Big Black Tea, a direct-to-consumer tea brand, and Guide, a SaaS Learning & Talent development brand.

He's an author, venture investor, accomplished international keynote speaker, product leader, tech influencer, and the only Nigerian-African American activist and global authority leading and shaping the discussion on the Future of Work, leadership, and innovation.

In 2017, he founded the Guide Group, a global movement of 300,000+ business leaders and professionals focused on helping every member lead a fulfilling career.

Through his life’s work and global platform, he’s directly impacting a magnitude of 150M+ people.

Tim inspires millions of professionals and business leaders, daily, to embrace change, and thrive in the future of work.


Recognized by Global Brands & Top Publications

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"He's operating on a different level!"


“Tim Salau is an amazing speaker,

community leader, and innovator. He doesn't just speak about the future, he lives it!

Andrew R., VP, Business Development, Thomson Reuters

"Our international delegates loved hearing Tim speak about emerging innovation and what they can do to position their workforce for a dynamic future."

Valeriy G., CEO, Globalize Accelerator

“Simply put, he’s a star! Tim is one of the best innovators and thought leaders in the world and a unique voice leading the future of work. He's operating on a different level."

Robin D. , CMO, ex-Box, LinkedIn, and Salesforce


"The Future of Work is about EMPOWERING people to TAKE CONTROL of their CAREERS."

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Tim Salau, Mr. Future of Work LLC