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Elevate Your Leadership

Join weekly live trainings hosted by your coach, Mr. FoW, that will improve how you lead at work, and in life.

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Introducing Ecosystem

Our unique CROWD platform for the next-generation of artists, creators, investors, and founders.

You will be able to invest in $1T deals with Mr. FoW using a CROWD SAFE note.

No fees. No carried interest. No bad janky experience. 

You win when we win. And we always win. Win with us?

Why Ecosystem?
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Your go-to global community of leaders

Join an exclusive network of 300,000 members who work at the world's greatest companies: Guide, Salesforce, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and other Fortune 500s!

Receive deal flow, career mentorship, leadership tips, and practical resources.

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“Tim Salau is just an amazing artist, speaker, community leader, and innovator. He doesn't just speak about the future, he lives it! A true inspiration

Andrew R., VP, Business Development, Thomson Reuters

"Our international delegates loved hearing Tim speak about emerging innovation and what they can do to position their workforce for a dynamic future."

Valeriy G., CEO, Globalize Accelerator

“Simply put, he’s a star! Tim is one of the best innovators and thought leaders in the world and a unique voice leading the future of work. He's operating on a different level."

Robin D. , CMO, ex-Box, LinkedIn, and Salesforce

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